Take control of your organization's unemployment insurance costs

Unemployment insurance costs employers thousands of dollars every year in taxes, reimbursed contributions, and time preparing for and answering claims.  Almost any organization can reduce these expenses with the right management strategy, often substantially.  Employer Advocates offers the expertise and the service your organization needs to permanently control these costs.

Dollars saved are worth more than dollars earned "the hard way"

Since your organization has already earned this money, every dollar you save is a whole dollar.  These savings fall directly to your organization's bottom line.

How our unemployment cost control service works

Employer Advocates helps organizations reduce their unemployment tax burden in the following ways:

Non-profit organizations and government entities have special needs

In addition to experience with tax-paying employers, our staff is experienced at working with non-profit and governmental entities (such as states, counties, cities, school districts, universities, etc.) that have elected to reimburse the state for unemployment benefits paid.  Such organizations have special needs; we can help limit your exposure to these expenses.

What distinguishes Employer Advocates from other unemployment tax management providers?

Our track record of results.  We have the most experienced staff in the intermountain region, so it's hard to catch us off our game.  Our hearing representatives are some of the best in the business, as demonstrated by their success rate.  Unlike many of our competitors, unemployment tax management is all we do, so our attention isn't divided.  In short, we're quite passionate about protecting our clients' interests, and we do it exceptionally well.

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