Unemployment benefits eligibility

An employee may be eligible for unemployment benefits while suspended.

Exactly what might constitute disqualifying misconduct can be hard to pin down.

"If you don't like it, you can quit;" How quits differ from discharges.

A doctor's note is not always enough to validate an absence.  This worker found out the hard way.

Employer hiring, promotion, and firing practices

"Building a case" against an employee could be a risky practice.

"It tastes OK to me" -- Discharges based on customer complaints are among the most difficult to win.

Make it clear from the beginning that all promotions are probationary.

Make sure that the language you use in your documentation is consistent with the state's definitions.

Be cautious when sharing information about a former employee's termination with current employees.

Tips on winning your unemployment cases and lowering your unemployment tax rate

You could pay a lot less next year by deliberately overpaying this year.

Improve your chances of winning your unemployment cases by avoiding these common mistakes.